Our journey began in 1999, under the direction of Sandra Busby and the creation of the first employer-led contact centre forum, offering strategic direction and support for contact centres in Wales.

Over 20 years later our passion for the industry has developed our knowledge across all sectors and functions including strategy, operations, process management and IT/telephony.

We now feature a strong team of consultants with exceptional experience of the service industry and contact centres in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

We understand the issues and work with you in a collaborative way to ensure a step-change in culture and performance.

The contact centre business function covers a broad spectrum of Welsh life and, in representing the interests of member companies, the Forum works with many different departments of the Assembly Government. This includes inward investment, learning and skills, employment, community development, social inclusion, infrastructure, telecommunications, planning and the environment.

Employment opportunities range from entry level skills, suitable for those otherwise at risk of exclusion, right up to graduate posts and senior management roles.

The Forum has played a key role in facilitating recruitment and training at all levels. This includes schemes to help the long-term unemployed or disadvantaged groups to access jobs and training and relationships brokered between businesses and universities.

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