Sandra Busby – Cnect Wales – ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Could Lead To More CX in Wales
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Sandra Busy is the Chief Executive Officer of Cnect Waies. Cnect Wales, (formerly The Welsh Contact Centre Forum), is Wales’ premier networking organisation for business in Wales operating centralised services. They represent Wales and promote greater investment in BPO and CX in Wales. The British general election is taking place as this episode arrives on July 4th so Peter talked to Sandra about this specfic region of the UK that has recently been enjoying far more global attention thanks to the Disney+ TV show “Welcome to Wrexham”, which explores the success of Wrexham  foorball club since it was purchased by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. But, there is much more to Wales than just sport and music. Sandra has spent many years promoting investment in the region and in this episode she explains why Wales is a particulkarly attractive part of the UK for any business managing their BPO and CX functions.

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