Psychological Safety in Teams Workshop

Date – 30 Oct 2023
Time – 9:30 - 4:30 approx
Venue – TBC
Cost – £249+vat per person or £225+vat for 2 or more delegates
Event Organiser – Cnect Wales
Contact Name – Christine Allen
Contact Number – 02920 709 800
Contact Email – Christine@cnectwales.uk

As leaders how can do we create a work environment where people feel safe to speak up, share new ideas and work in innovative ways? 

Psychological Safety is the secret to high performing teams according to Google and Dr Amy Edmondson.

The concept of Psychological Safety was first brought to prominence by Dr Amy Edmondson, a professor at Harvard Business School, when she documented that companies with a trusting workplace were more likely to perform better. Her findings were further supported by a much later study by Google’s ‘Project Aristotle’, which spent two years studying 180 teams to find what would ‘Build a Perfect Team’. This study established that one of the leading components of successful teams was high levels of ‘psychological safety’.

Remote and hybrid working threatens the Psychological Safety of teams. Numerous studies have found that conversations are less frequent, less spontaneous, and less informal. Team members feel isolated, disconnected from their teams, and often underappreciated. Team members form small “bubbles” that they exclusively work in.

This workshop will provide valuable insight and tools for managers and leaders to help them, and their teams create psychological safety, in turn improving performance, innovation and wellbeing.

By the end of the programme, delegates will:

  1. Understand what psychological safety is, its history and why it is vital for teams
  2. Explore tools and techniques to build psychological safety
  3. Understand how to measure the safety of their teams