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Premier CX Elevates Video Offering with Launch of Hosting and Analytics

Premier CX, a leading provider of innovative customer experience solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Video Hosting as a major enhancement to its contact centre video proposition.

With this new addition, Premier CX expands its mission to empower businesses to connect with their customers in impactful ways, and deliver significant ROI.

In today’s digital age, video has become an indispensable tool for businesses to engage their audience efficiently and dynamically. Premier CX recognises this growing trend and is excited to provide a comprehensive solution for contact centres who understand that most consumers now prefer to watch videos than read text, whether that is FAQs on websites, via emails, social media, live chats, or as part of a bot solution.

“Our methodology is different from traditional video producers and optimised for contact centre use. This enables us to deliver effective videos quickly and cost-effectively, whilst minimising demand on your internal resource.

With the addition of hosting comes a whole raft of extra benefits for contact centres making our video solution an even more powerful tool for improving CSAT, reducing AHT and driving digital transformation.” Anthony Buxton, CEO of Premier CX.

Key features of Premier CX’s Video Hosting service include:

· Advert-free playback: Ensures immersive viewing, focusing solely on your content.

· Clickable links within videos: Increasing customer engagement and useability.

· High quality imaging: Captivates viewers and retains brand perception.

· Security link access: Content protected with robust security measures and access controls.

· Advanced analytics: Tracking key strategic metrics of viewer engagement.

· Optimisation: Harnessing advanced analytics to refine videos and maximise impact.

· File format: Link suitable for all social platforms and embedding in website, plus video files provided in any format.

To learn more about Premier CX’s Video service and how it can elevate your customer engagement strategy, book a discovery call.

And, to learn more about videos as an essential part of your customers’ digital journey, download our free guide: The Good CX Guide, Videos: simple but transformative.

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About Premier CX: Premier CX is a leading provider of customer experience solutions, empowering businesses to deliver exceptional service and build lasting relationships with their customers. With a focus on adding the human touch to your tech, Premier CX helps organisations, across multiple industries, transform their customer experience strategies and achieve measurable results.

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