Date – 03 Jun 2024

At Cnect Wales, we are dedicated to fostering talent and creating meaningful opportunities within the customer service sector. As a valued member of our network, we’re reaching out to invite you to join us in a transformative initiative that not only benefits our communities but also supports your organisation’s recruitment needs.

We understand the challenges that both job seekers and employers face in the current economic climate. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest project aimed at bridging the gap between skilled individuals and vacant positions in the customer service industry.

Our Preemployment initiative Cnect Talent involves a comprehensive one-week training program designed to equip unemployed individuals with essential customer service skills. Covering everything from effective communication techniques to dealing with difficult customers, our training ensures that participants are prepared to excel in a customer-centric environment.

But our commitment doesn’t end there.

We’re calling on our esteemed contact centre employers, such as yourself, to partner with us in guaranteeing an interview for real job vacancy within your organisation once the training is successfully completed, by offering this assurance, you not only contribute to reducing unemployment rates but also gain access to a pool of motivated and skilled candidates ready to make a positive impact on your team.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Commit to Interviewing:

Pledge to interview participants who have completed our training program for relevant job vacancies within your organisation. Your willingness to consider these individuals for employment not only provides them with a much-needed opportunity but also supports your recruitment efforts. We would require that you interview the participants after completing the week’s training, then take successful candidates through your internal processes.

Share Opportunities:

Inform us about any upcoming job vacancies within your organisation, and we’ll ensure that participants are aware of these opportunities. Together, we can facilitate meaningful connections between talent and available positions.

When? This programme will be commence in April and will continue until February 2025.

By partnering with Cnect Wales, you’re not just investing in the future of your organisation; you’re investing in the future of our communities. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of unemployed individuals while strengthening the customer service industry in Wales.

This project is funded by the UK Government through the Shared Prosperity Fund and powered by the Levelling up Fund.