Date – 25 Jun 2024


Curious to discover how you can improve your business or organisation’s efficiency, cost effectiveness, supply chain, and security?

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Brought to you by Technology Connected, Cardiff Capital Region​ and Cardiff and Vale College​join us to delve into the transformative potential of blockchain technology for businesses and organisations. You will learn from others, exchange ideas, and gain insights first-hand from real-life case studies showcasing its potential applications.

Tuesday 25 June 2024

sbarc|spark campus, Cardiff

9AM – 1PM

What to expect

We’ll explore in layman’s terms what blockchain is but more importantly how blockchain can address common challenges faced by businesses and organisations, and the tangible benefits it offers. Whether you’re seeking to enhance security, improve operations, or unlock new opportunities, this event is designed to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Businesses and organisations today encounter a myriad of challenges in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, from reducing their carbon footprint to increasing performance to remain competitive in a world constantly under threat of cyber attack and data breaches, these challenges can hinder growth and innovation.

Key concerns include:

  • Data security – Safeguarding against cyber threats and breaches to maintain data integrity.
  • Operational inefficiencies – Addressing rising costs associated with inefficient processes and workflows.
  • Trust and transparency – Fostering trust and transparency among stakeholders to nurture strong relationships.
  • Supply chain complexity – Managing intricate supply chains with diverse stakeholders and regulatory frameworks.
  • Competitive edge –Sustaining competitiveness by staying abreast of evolving trends and market dynamics.

There will be open discussions and networking as part of the session, with refreshments provided.

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for private sector and public sector organisations across Cardiff Capital Region, including:

  • Business leaders prioritising areas such as supply chain, circularity, Net Zero compliance, and digital records.
  • Decision makers focused on technology, digital transformation, and data.
  • Those tasked with performance and innovation within their organisation.

Remaining competitive, especially for organisations operating in or seeking to operate in a global market, requires at a minimum, accurate blockchain awareness, if not adoption. 

As of 2021, Blockdata reported 81 of the world’s top 100 public companies were using blockchain technology, a trend which continues to grow. 

Blockchain offers a range of solutions to address these challenges and unlock new opportunities for businesses and organisations. Here’s how:

  • Automating processes, cutting out intermediaries, and offering instantaneous transaction insights.
  • Cultivating trust through its transparent and unchangeable nature.
  • Enabling full traceability and transparency within supply chains.
  • Providing a secure, transparent avenue for data sharing, project collaboration, and innovative business model creation.
  • Utilising cryptographic methods and decentralised networks.


8.45am-9.20am – Registration

Arrival, check-in and refreshments.

9.20am-9.45am – Welcome

9.45am-10.15am – Opening Presentation

Fundamentals and Business Benefits of Blockchain

10.15am-11.15am – Panel Discussion

Learning from Wales: Case Studies and Real-World Applications

11.15am-11.30am – Coffee Break

11.30am-12.30pm – Workshop

Practical Blockchain Applications: Tailored Discussions

12.30pm-12.45pm – Closing Session

12.45pm-1.45pm – Lunch & Networking


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