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Jabra Engage AI Measure what matters the most

Do you want to discover what difference your best tone can make? Call centre agents using Engage AI showed a 12% increase in CSAT (customer satisfaction score)*. So, how you say something does matter.

Jabra are now offering Cnect Wales members the chance to experience Engage AI to try out our tone-based agent guidance and conversation analytics software for free with no obligation.

It’s frustrating that some of the best responses come to you after a conversation has finished. Engage AI is a new kind of sentiment analysis software, empowered by artificial intelligence, that gives agents feedback live while they’re on a call. This revolutionary technology helps agents adjust and improve their tone of voice in the moment, to give customers an even better experience.

Don’t just take our word for it: an analysis of 700,000 Engage AI calls showed using the software led to 27% shorter calls*. We all like getting time back so help your agents give your customers more satisfactory and efficient calls with Engage AI and give your performance scores a boost too.

To find out how Engage AI can motivate your agents and enhance your CSAT scores apply for a no obligation, free trial now. Reach out to Sandra Busby or Lucinda Butler at Cnect Wales or Jeanette Hunter at Jabra to find out more.

Jeanette Hunter, Jabra UKI Contact Centre Specialist: jhunter@jabra.com or 07583 123 353

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