Fuelling Workplace Wellbeing: Dragon Perks and Cnect Wales Unite for Employee Benefits Revolution

Dragon Perks and Cnect Wales Forge a Transformative Partnership for Employee Wellbeing and Engagement. Dragon Perks, a leading provider of employee benefits and well-being solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Cnect Wales, a prominent organisation with exceptional experience of the service industry and contact centres in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Recognising the challenges faced by businesses today, Dragon Perks and Cnect Wales are joining forces to bring about a significant transformation in workplace culture and performance. Cnect Wales, with its extensive reach across various sectors, plays a pivotal role in representing member companies’ interests, engaging with different departments of the Assembly Government, and contributing to community development.

The collaboration aims to create a positive impact on the contact centre business function, covering a broad spectrum of Welsh life. By combining the strengths of Dragon Perks in providing innovative employee benefits and well-being solutions with Cnect Wales’ expertise in facilitating recruitment and training at all levels, the partnership seeks to empower businesses in attracting and retaining talent.

Cnect Wales has been instrumental in developing employment opportunities that span from entry-level positions to senior management roles, catering to diverse skill sets and backgrounds. The Forum’s initiatives include schemes to assist the long-term unemployed and disadvantaged groups in accessing jobs and training, fostering relationships between businesses and universities.

Speaking about the partnership, Andrew Thompson, Business Development
Manager at Dragon Perks, expressed excitement about the shared vision. “We are thrilled to partner with Cnect Wales to enhance the well-being and engagement of employees across the UK. By combining our resources and expertise, we aim to bring about positive change in workplace culture and contribute to the growth and success of businesses in the region.”

In conclusion, the partnership between Dragon Perks and Cnect Wales signifies a commitment to fostering positive workplace cultures and enhancing employee well-being. With Cnect Wales leading by example and enrolling all their staff into the benefits platform, we invite businesses to embark on a similar journey.

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