Date – 08 Mar 2024

Happy International Women’s Day 💜

For us, today is an opportunity to reflect on our contribution to driving gender equality within our business and the wider industry, as well as identifying ways that we can continue to do more.
As a female founded and led organisation, we continue to be inspired by the women we work alongside.
We’re proud that our board is made up of 42% women and the men on our board are whole heartedly committed to pushing gender equality within their own organisations.
Inclusion isn’t just about having a seat at the table, it’s about having a voice that’s heard, ideas that are implemented and being able to influence change.
By celebrating the achievements of women and highlighting the ongoing struggle for gender equality, International Women’s Day inspires future generations to continue the fight for women’s rights and equality. That’s why we will continue to support our members across the industry to do the same.
The difference in pay, expressed in gender pay gap terms, is 14.8% for full-time employees this is still far too high. International Women’s Day is a crucial moment to reflect on progress made, acknowledge challenges that remain, and renew commitments to advancing gender equality and empowering women worldwide.