Arvato has been operating locally in the Swansea community since 2013 and are fully committed to supporting CNECT and its members across the region. Arvato provides Shared Services, Contact Centre and digital automation services in Wales and across the UK to a range of public and private sector clients across many sectors such central and local government, retail and automotive.

Arvato was one of the first UK organisations to implement robotic process automation into public and private sector client processes in 2014, and have since developed significant SME experience and a range of clients operating such services. We’re of a mindset that RPA and similar enabling technologies should add value to the agent experience or move agents to more value-add work. If anyone is considering AI, and digital process/robotic automation, need some guidance or expertise, and are open to a conversation to see where Arvato may be able to support, please feel free to contact Rhian Thomas –